Congrats On Your Wool Dryer Ball Purchase!

Smart move on choosing to register your #1 Wool Dryer Ball, Set of 6 Organic Balls for Dryer: not only are you covered by the warranty of this website or other participating vendors, but now for a 365-day Guarantee from your date of purchase.

This Exclusive ForeverWool Guarantee assures you against any defect in workmanship or construction of your premium product.  We're PROUD of our products, their ingenuity, and their quality, and we want you to feel the same way.

Please note, this warranty covers regular use and standard stresses placed upon your product.  InsideSmarts will not be responsible for the replacement of products broken due to negligence or improper use.

But before doing anything else, click below to enter your Smart-Wash Guarantee Registration Details right away.

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